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6 Best Scrolling Practices to Improve Site User Experience

In website design and development, “users don’t want to scroll” used to be a widely held concept. While research shows that users’ attention tends to be drawn above the fold, allowing visitors to scroll for longer periods can significantly benefit your website.

What Are the Best Practices for Scrolling? 

While most website visitors know that scrolling allows them to see more material, different aspects of a site might prevent them from doing so. In reality, 45% of website material goes unnoticed due to user experience difficulties. 

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Adjust Scrolling Navigation

As people scroll down the page, they are more likely to come across content they want to learn more about. While relevant CTAs that link visitors to other website areas should be sprinkled across the page, some people prefer to navigate to different pages through the navigation menu. It might take a lot of work to go back to the top and find the navigation menu once they’ve scrolled down the page.

Consider Jump-to Alternatives

Users sometimes know exactly what they want to read about and want to skim through the remainder of the page’s information. You may provide visitors immediate access to specifics by including “jump-to” choices in anchor text. This format is prevalent in long-form article material, and it may be utilised as a side menu or as a text link.

Create Parallax Scrolling 

Parallax scrolling is quickly becoming a major animation component in website design since it improves the appearance and feel of the scrolling experience. When parallax scrolling is used, components move at different speeds as the user scans the page, creating the illusion of depth.

Evade the False Bottom 

When consumers realise there is more stuff to read on a website, they are more likely to scroll. However, if users believe they have seen everything to view, they may feel complete and exit the website. This happens when the viewable area on the screen looks to be finished or when the user misinterprets an element for the page’s bottom.

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Improve Scan-Ability By Using Scrolling Points

Scanning is a popular way for many users to rapidly find information that is important to them because it requires significantly less mental work than reading the text completely. 

Content is broken down into clusters of essential information, with key points graphically shown when scrolling points are introduced into your site design. Failure to employ scrolling points can result in “scrolling fatigue” when users feel bored, annoyed, or exhausted by the page’s content.

Make Animations Triggered By Scrolling

You may use animations to direct the user’s attention to certain things on the screen as they scroll down the page. The key to employing these animations effectively is to have a precise motive. It’s simple to overdo animations when you don’t have a clear goal.


If they anticipate discovering relevant and useful content, your site visitors will want to scroll through your pages. You can deliver a memorable, improved scrolling experience if you understand how your website visitors interact with your pages and employ deliberate design concepts. Maximise the design effectiveness and optimise your website with online marketing services. 

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