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How You Can Improve Your Business’s Local SEO Ranking

Undeniably, every business with an online presence knows how powerful SEO builds leads, traction, and traffic. Still, not everyone knows that SEO comes in multiple layers, and to successfully rank and achieve compelling results, you need to find which one to focus your efforts on.

If you have a business that caters to a particular geographic area, you should consider localising your SEO strategy. In this strategy, you target nearby and intentional searchers looking for your products or services.

If that sounds like a good plan, here are ways you can do to improve your local SEO ranking:

1. Work for Your Audience

You target the people in your area because you know you offer something that they need or want. Take that opportunity and make an effort from your end. Because you know that they would look up your product or service online, make your site and content more searchable:

  • Add your localised keywords in essential areas like description, title, content, image alt text, and other necessary parts.
  • Update your Google My Business listing and complete your business details
  • List down what your audience would look up online related to your business and find ways to make your brand valuable to them.

2. Do Your Brand Research

Remember to check what other similar businesses are doing. Find out what kind of online promotion works best for their business and see if they made efforts that did not work. Based on your research, develop tactics you can use for your business.

3. Make Your Online Profile Relevant

Understand how your search engine works. Google, for example, would give sites and pages a high ranking score if it sees its relevance to people’ searches. The more your website or online content matches what the people look up online.

The more your search engine would let the pages be visible on their search results. Do your best to turn every page and content of your business into the answers they are looking for.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Google Reviews

Did you know that online reviews matter when it comes to search engine rankings? Make sure you do not ignore them. Whether it is a good or bad review, thank them for their feedback. Acknowledge your shortcomings and commit to improving your offerings.

These review exchanges would make your search engine thinks that your business page is doing better than others. It helps establish your credibility around the niche of your business. When you take advantage of this opportunity, your business can position higher in the ranking.

5. Create GEO or City Pages

GEO targeted landing pages are those that sites offer to make their users know about the products or services they specifically offer in their location. Create one for your website and customise the message you think would work for them. This advertising technique can help your site show content relevant to the consumer’s location. Make sure that you also specify the location in every keyword you use. That would help your search engine do its job correctly.

6. Produce Localized Content

Create content specifically for people in your neighbourhood. To make it work, make sure that you have a realistic keyword strategy in place. That means using keywords with just the right amount of search volumes (usually less than a thousand searches per month) and placing them in relevant areas in your quality and targeted content. This process is what you call hyper-localization.

7. Be Consistent With Your Online Efforts

SEO improvement does not happen overnight. It involves consistently doing the best practices for months and making adjustments necessary until you see positive changes. Your online details should be the same across the board so that Google and other search engines will not confuse your online presence.

It involves listing your business in every local search engine and making the same effort for all. Consistency and staying dedicated to your goal are the secrets that can help you land the first page.


Local SEO can help your business connect to the searchers nearby, driving more leads and traffic to your company and site, but only if done right. Search engine optimisation’s preferences adapt based on what the consumers want. As an entrepreneur, you should be aware of those changing trends and adjust your online marketing strategy. The main rule is to know what works best for your consumers. Then, make sure that all your efforts are specifically focused on your target local market.

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