Web Design: 5 Reasons to Use Dark Mode for Your Website

In the digital age, more and more people are turning to dark mode when working on their computers and smartphones. In fact, in the last few years, dark mode has been one of the most requested elements for websites, software, and even mobile devices. Google now offers dark mode for their Chrome browser, and Apple introduced dark mode for all hardware and software in 2018.

Here are some reasons why dark mode is an excellent option for your website:

1. Dark Mode Reduces Eye Strain and Dryness

Staring at your computer or phone for too long can be very uncomfortable, especially if you use it for more than a handful of hours per day. Dark mode lowers the chances of your eyes becoming sore since it reduces the harsh light emanating from your device. A low-light setting on your website means your visitors will not have to worry about eye-related problems.

2. Dark Mode Uses Less Energy

Dark mode can prolong a device’s battery life. After all, less illumination is needed, so it consumes much less battery power. In fact, some people use this mode specifically to get a lot more screen time out of their devices. Moreover, they use this in order to protect their devices since repeatedly charging them gradually deteriorates their overall condition.

3. Dark Mode is Gentler for People with Visual Impairment

Featuring dark mode for your website is an inclusive option that will greatly help a lot of people, especially individuals with vision-related conditions. The traditional black text on a white background is not as accessible as the reverse. So when your web design is in dark mode, it enables people with such impairments to easily access and consume your content.

4. Dark Mode Expands Your Creativity

By featuring dark mode on your website, it enables you to have creative freedom on your domain. You can play around with different features and colours that are not likely to be used on websites that implement the typical white background and black text.

Playing around with different colour palettes and other features can give you the chance to make your website much more visually appealing and engaging to your audience, which will then result in more visitors!

5. Dark Mode is Trendy

The truth is that online consumers are more attracted to websites that feature a dark mode because they are more inclined to visit sites that are comfortable to look at. Using dark mode as your main feature will most likely give viewers an immediate impression that the site they are visiting is a modern and trendy website. This simple tweak to your web design will put you a step above your competition and will make your business website more memorable!


Some business owners and marketers may have never considered dark mode for their websites before, but it is certainly worth thinking about today. After all, there’s no harm in following what is currently being patronised by the general public. Forward-thinking tech companies are developing and upgrading their websites and software in order to feature a dark mode.

As much as there are countless reasons why you should use dark mode in your website, you should always remember that it all boils down to how you will create and design your website in order for people to recognise it.

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