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3 Strategic Website Design Tips to Optimise Your Website

An effective website involves so much more than making it look good. A well-designed site that looks good on the inside and out, with a clear and straightforward message, is critical to a company’s success. Nearly half of visitors rank website design as the most critical aspect in assessing a brand’s trustworthiness.

The way you design your website will be the first impression your potential clients have of your company. Websites that are not created with a balance of form and function cannot take flight in a competitive digital world.

Continue reading to find out how web design and online marketing services can build on your brand and create a stronger and more optimised website.

1 – Make SEO a Priority, Not An Afterthought

Your website can improve your Google ranking, which is the primary reason for having a website in the first place! Search engine optimisation (SEO) aims to rank a website as high as possible on the search engine results page (SERP).

SEO starts from building a search engine-friendly site, which means you’ll have to consider it from the very beginning of the site design and development phase. You’ll also have to establish strategies to maintain it as time goes on. Once you have effective SEO strategies, you can work your way towards a first-place ranking when someone searches for terms relating to your sector or industry.

If you don’t consider SEO while designing your website, it will be lost in the shuffle of the competition. From relevant blog materials to clever keyword placement, there are many methods to improve your website rankings.

2 – Make Your Website Both Mobile- and User-Friendly

One of the most significant disadvantages of poor web design is its difficult-to-navigate sites. If potential customers can’t see what they’re searching for within just a few clicks, they could abandon your site and visit your competitors instead.

The average user’s attention span fades in less than 10 seconds. Make sure your company’s goal, products, and contact information are all easily accessible. Also, it should be apparent what your organisation does and how you can assist your visitors right away.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your visitors may not be accessing your website via a computer. An estimated 40% of people access the Internet solely through their smartphones. A design that adapts to a smaller screen indicates that you care about your potential consumers’ visibility and accessibility. Making your website accessible and visible to everybody can boost your traffic.

3 – Use Your Site to Showcase Your Brand Identity

Websites must be functional to meet the requirements of potential customers. However, your website is also an opportunity to highlight your brand’s personality, which is critical for sticking out from the crowd. Unimaginative websites might come across as overly unapproachable, both of which can put off potential customers.

As a brand, you have the power to choose how you want to be viewed by your target market. Do you want to be regarded as a lively and enjoyable digital agency or a polished and professional one? Every decision, from the general layout to the colour and font selections, has an impact.

When it comes to design, it’s essential to choose one that appeals to your target audience since this will determine whether or not to support your brand.


Investing in the correct web design will help you enhance your bottom line and profitability and make it simpler for you to stand out from the crowd. These are all variables that may make or ruin your company, so take your time!

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