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Email Marketing 101: Tips and Tricks to Increase Traffic

Due to the rise of different digital marketing strategies, some people say that email is dead. While it’s true that there are now newer ways to promote businesses online, email marketing remains to be one of the most beneficial methods to reach customers, increase website traffic, and encourage prospects to respond to calls-to-action. An eMarketer study even shows that the median email marketing ROI is 122 percent. This result is four times higher than any other digital marketing channel.

This marketing strategy is effective, but only when done properly. To run a successful campaign, here are some email marketing tips to follow:

  • Build a Subscriber List

Growing an organic email subscriber list is the first step to running a successful email marketing strategy. It ensures that an interested audience receives the emails sent. This is easier said than done, but it can be accomplished by using well-positioned sign-up forms. The link to the form can also be included on social media posts to encourage more followers to fill it out and subscribe to the mailing list.

  • Maintain an Email List

This tip is underrated, but many business owners and marketers often fail to realize that maintaining an email list is as important as growing one. Having more people on the list won’t be beneficial if these subscribers end up not reading the emails sent or are simply uninterested in what the business offers. Instead of spending all time and energy trying to get more subscribers, concentrate on reaching the inboxes of readers who can be turned into actual paying customers.

  • Keep Content Easily Digestible

The audience’s average attention span is only eight seconds. That being said, most people will hit the close button once they see a block of text once they open their email.

Instead of sending lengthy emails that can be overwhelming to many readers, focus instead on keeping the messages short and precise. Make them easily scannable by adding eye-catching images and breaking the content down with subheadings. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action at the end of the email.

  • Personalize Emails

Writing emails can be a tedious task, but avoid settling with sending out generic messages. Personalize them based on customer needs and preferences by categorizing the email list and providing customized recommendations. Doing this helps build a loyal customer base, attracts more prospects, and promotes one-on-one communication. It also results in increased traffic and up to 25 per cent more conversions.

  • Send Mobile-Friendly Emails

Since mobile internet users are continuously increasing, businesses need to keep up with their needs by sending mobile-friendly emails. Allowing people on the mailing list to access and read emails from their mobile devices without hassle can increase website traffic and boost sales.

One way to increase email open rates on mobile devices is to keep subject lines concise. Do this by showcasing creativity in using symbols, numbers, or even emojis. There is limited space to draw in readers on smartphones and tablets. Thankfully, this trick will make subject lines short yet compelling.


Despite the notion of many that email marketing is no longer effective in this digital age, studies show that this marketing strategy still delivers more than satisfactory results. Besides following these tips and tricks, another way to run a successful email marketing campaign is to team up with a digital marketing agency.

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