Effective Ways to Improve Website Navigation for Optimisation

Your website is one of the most significant components of your brand. It acts as the face of your company, representing its name and providing information on everything it has to offer. Moreover, your website functions as an accessible touchpoint for returning and new clients.

Given its importance, your website needs to be 100 per cent optimised to ensure that clients will keep coming back to browse through the pages. One way you can ensure optimisation is by taking great care of your website navigation. Here’s how.

Three Ways to Optimise Your Website

1. Keep Your Website Simple and Clean

Internet users typically have an excellent attention span, averaging twelve seconds. Many internet users are impatient, though, so complex and messy websites tend to hurt brands more than help them. Keeping this in mind, you need to make your website simple and easy to view and navigate.

If you have a lot of content to display, you need to have proper separation for different content types. For example, your web design can feature appropriate tabs for significant landing pages, such as your about us page, service and product page, and contact us page.

2. Offer a Means of Contact

Provide a contact page on your website to allow your clients a way of getting in touch with you directly. The page should consist of the contact information of your company’s executives and the usual channels of communication, such as email.

It’s also a brilliant idea to provide a phone number or other means of instant contact with your customers. Your number allows them to contact you immediately with any questions or concerns they might have, adding reliability to your brand.

3. Make Purchasing Easy

Most clients who visit your website are there for a purpose and will quickly check to see if you offer what they are looking for. If you don’t, they’ll leave your site. Your web design should provide a straightforward way to make purchases, such as a shopping cart or a section of your site dedicated to sales.

The same concept applies to companies that offer services. Aside from defining every service your company provides, your web design also needs to make it easy for clients to book your services. You can allot a separate page for booking or have a “Book Service” button on individual pages.

Three Navigation Tools That Can Help with Website Optimisation

Aside from learning about the three methods used in website optimisation, you also need to take the time to study and try the different navigation tools that improve your website’s functionality.

Here are three standard tools you may want to consider applying to your website:

1. Hidden Home Button

Most web designs have slowly phased out the traditional home button, but it doesn’t mean that you should remove this feature altogether. After all, a home button allows users to quickly return to your home page without going back to several pages manually.

Choosing to remove the home button means you can use other elements on your website, such as your company’s name or logo, which are two of the most popular choices these days.

2. Dropdown Menu

Another way you can improve navigation on your website is by using dropdown menus. They are advantageous because they allow you to fit more options on your single page without appearing overcrowded or complicated.

You can use the dropdown menu on your web design to categorise your products. One of the most famous examples is the pricing tables that large online stores use, such as Amazon and eBay.

3. Customer Service Popups

Your visitors might have many questions and concerns that demand immediate answers. Instead of navigating through your website’s pages to find information, they can directly get in touch with you if you include a chatbox on your website.

A chatbox will require ongoing management. However, you’ll find that it’s worth it since it allows you to engage your website visitors, creating a more personal experience for your customers.


If you want your website to be as effective as possible, you need to ensure that it has excellent navigation. By following the tips above and utilising the relevant tools on your web design, you can provide flawless and easy navigation through your website.

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